Afghanistan Urban Safety and Security Programme (AUSSP)

Key Results

  • 224 community level safety and security assessments and action plans
  • 1430 trainings covering 29 key topics for improving municipal governance
  • Trainings, SoPs and M&E mechanism for Police -e- Mardumi (PeM) for better trust
  • Advocacy on human rights, urban safety, accountability and transparency through 20 CSOs
  • 278 safety and security infrastructure projects focusing women and girls
  • 125 safety subprojects under CDCs including Parks, schools, concrete road & street lighting.
  • 70 urban safety projects for effective crime prevention strategies.

Donors and Key Project Stakeholders


Swiss Agency for Development & Cooperation (SDC) and Kingdom of Netherlands

Key Project Stakeholders:

Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL), Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG)/Deputy Ministry of Municipalities (DMM), Ministry of Interior Affairs (MoIA), Ministry of Women Affairs (MoWA) as well as District Municipalities

Relevant Links

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