Sustainable Human Settlements in Urban areas to support Reintegration in Afghanistan (SHURA)

Key Results

  • 5.6 million jeribs (2.76 m acres) of state land identified to serve as land bank.
  • 14 million USD allocated for site infrastructure development in Eltefat and Sadaat Townships.
  • 6,668 plots in Kabul and 10,097 plots in Herat planned for resettlements.
  • Demarcation of 2,000 plots in Kabul and 6,000 in Herat.
  • 14 km road and 28 km drainage being implemented.
  • 7,662 Returnees & IDPs registered in Kabul and 12,736 registered in Herat.
  • Returnees and IDPs Beneficiaries Registration System (BRS) fully functional with capacity of registration of 500 households per day.
  • Phase-wise public balloting & land allotments.

Donors and Key Project Stakeholders


European Union and Government of Denmark

Key Project Stakeholders:

Ministry of Urban Development and Land (MUDL), Ministry of Refugees and repatriation (MoRR), Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG)/Deputy Ministry of Municipalities (DMM) as well as District Municipalities of Kabul and Herat

Relevant Links

UN-Habitat Afghanistan

Sustainable Human settlements in Urban areas to support Reintegration in Afghanistan (SHURA)

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