Climate Change and National Urban Policies

The Guide

Climate Change and National Urban Policies in Asia and the Pacific – A regional guide for mainstreaming climate change into urban related urban-related policy, legislative, financial and institutional frameworks provides policy makers with a flexible and non-prescriptive approach that can help with the integration of climate change into urban policy at any point of the policy cycle.

This Guide suggests methods and steps for mainstreaming Climate Change into National Urban Policies. Government stakeholders can select the methods and tools needed based on their respective circumstances, under a framework of “Phases” and “Elements” that serve as the building blocks of the mainstreaming process. Within each of the Elements, which are aligned and consistent with phases of UN-Habitat’s National Urban Policy process, concrete actions covering various policy aspects are proposed to ensure effective mainstreaming; ranging from the substantive planning process, capacity development, vertical and horizontal policy alignment to multi-stakeholder participation.

The Tools

The guide is supported by a series of tools that can be downloaded as individual PDFs below. These are sub-divided into different sections including Method Descriptions that explain the objective of each tool and how to use it, Information Sheets with more detailed explanations of specific elements and background, while Templates and Checklists provide a structured process for groups to work through step-by-step. These can be adapted and changed depending on context and needs. After reviewing the guide, users are recommended to read the short Mainstreaming Climate Change into NUPs Guidance Note first before proceeding with the tools since it presents some common entry-points to the process and aids in understanding the relationships and linkages between each tool.

Guidance Note


Introductory Presentation / Training

This presentation provides those leading the mainstreaming process with a simple introduction to the Guide and the tools. Please feel free to modify this presentation for your specific needs.

Country Case Studies

The project supported mainstreaming processes in six countries which in turn supported the development of the guide. The process, the learnings and the current state of mainstreaming are presented in country case studies.

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