UN-Habitat and UNEP Enhance Urban Resilience in Lao PDR through Comprehensive Ecosystem-Based Solutions Refresher Training

11-15 December 2023, Vientiane, Lao PDR – UN-Habitat successfully conducted a week-long refresher training program on ecosystem-based solutions (EbS) in Vang Vieng, Vientiane Province. This training is a pivotal component of the Green Climate Fund’s “Building resilience of urban populations with ecosystem-based solutions in Lao PDR” project, implemented in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, under the oversight of UNEP.

Focusing on EbS for flood management, the refresher training highlighted the indispensable role of ecosystems in urban planning. The curriculum included modules on EbS for Cities and Flood Management, Planning for Climate Change with Vulnerability Assessments, and Data Collection and Analysis. The theoretical knowledge, initially shared in the March 2023 training, was revisited during these refresher sessions, equipping participants with both theoretical understanding and practical skills crucial for implementing EbS and managing climate-change-induced floods.

A key feature of the training was the practical application of concepts, involving field exercises in Khanmak and Nadao villages. This hands-on approach not only enriched the learning experience but also emphasized the integration of theory with practice, enabling participants to learn how to collect data to assess the potential adaptability of their districts.

Key outcomes of the training include a 54% increase in understanding of EbS, a 68% improvement in map reading skills, and a 63% increase in knowledge of Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment. These substantial advancements underscore the training’s effectiveness in equipping participants with the necessary skills to address urban resilience challenges.

Importantly, the training prioritized gender inclusivity, with 40% female participation, reflecting UN-Habitat’s commitment to promoting diversity and equality in capacity-building efforts. This balanced representation highlights the vital role of women in shaping resilient urban environments. This initiative marks a significant step in building resilient urban ecosystems in Lao PDR, ensuring sustainable development in the face of climate challenges. By equipping local and national representatives with knowledge of urban EbS, this training contributes to the project’s goal of creating a comprehensive and integrated approach to flood management in the urban areas of Lao PDR. This training is part of a larger project aimed at fortifying urban areas against the impacts of climate change through sustainable ecosystem-based strategies. Funded by the Green Climate Fund, this project targets four provincial capitals in Lao PDR over five years, to shift climate change management towards integrated, ecosystem-based approaches. It focuses on empowering urban centers in Lao PDR to develop resilient infrastructures and practices.

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