UN-Habitat Starts Three Retaining Wall Projects in Kandahar City, Afghanistan

To rehabilitate and provide essential infrastructure and services, on 26 July 2022, UN-Habitat, under ABADEI programme, has inaugurated and started the following projects in Kandahar city, Afghanistan.

  • Construction of 700m retaining wall and 3 culverts in Police District (PD) 5, Gozar Assembly (GA) 1
  • Construction of 750m retaining wall in PD10, GA2
  • Construction of 1,158m retaining wall in PD 10 and 12, GA3

People face numerous challenges because of the lack of retaining walls on the canals in these PDs. During rain seasons, flooding damage transportation routes and residential houses. In addition, children fall into the canals, sustain injuries, and even die. So far, many such cases have been reported, according to the residents.

After completion, these projects will provide a clean and safe environment to the residents. The retaining wall projects will save lives and prevent children from drowning in canals. Moreover, the projects will protect the communities’ houses from the danger of flooding water. On the other hand, the projects will create job opportunities.

Fareed, a resident of PD12 in Kandahar city, says, “At the community level, we selected and proposed several projects, but we give priority to retaining wall project because it has many significances for our area. The retaining wall will prevent vehicles from falling into the canal. We witnessed that many cars fell into the canal, and many residents died. We are fortunate that UN-Habitat, through the ABADEI programme, accepted this project, and we inaugurated it today. The community members are ready to support the implementation of this project.”

“We held many meetings in our Gozar to prioritize projects in our PD. In consensus, we give priority to building a retaining on a canal from which, during the winter, rainwater flows into the house and damages them. UN-Habitat accepted the project, and we inaugurated the project. This project, alongside other benefits, will create job opportunities for the residents of our area,” says Ahmadullah, a resident of PD10 in Kandahar city. Ahamad Shah, who resides in PD5 of Kandahar city, says, “In our PD, we have many problems, but, together with community elders, we decided to select the retaining wall and culvert construction in a canal in our area. Due to the lack of retaining wall and culvert, flood water has damaged our road several times. We thank UN-Habitat for considering our demand.”

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