UN-Habitat Inaugurates Drainage Construction and Solar Street Lighting Projects in Kabul

On 20 July 2022, UN-Habitat, under the Securing Communal Housing, Land and Property Rights project, inaugurated two projects in Police District (PD) 7 of Kabul City, Afghanistan. The inauguration ceremony was attended by Community Development Council (CDC), Gozar Assembly (GA), and local community members. 

The first project is 450m drainage construction in Parwiz and Kocha-e-Qala in PD7, GA#17 of Kabul. After the completion, the project will prevent rainwater from flowing into nearly 300 to 200 residential houses. 

The second project is the installation of LED solar street lighting in PD7, GA#24 of Kabul. The project will benefit nearly 1440 families.  According to the residents, the lack of street lighting in this area begets numerous problems, including criminal activities at the night. After its completion, the project will contribute to making the area safe and secure. 

After prioritizing their communities’ problems and through a voting process, CDC, GA, and local community members selected these two projects in a Community Action Plan workshop, which was initiated and held by UN-Habitat. The projects will also be implemented in cooperation with the community members.

“Because of lack of drainage system, the houses fill with rainwater during the winter and rain seasons. Therefore, I appreciate UN-Habitat for stepping up to solve this problem through drainage construction in PD7. Alongside construction, we also ask UN-Habitat to heed road construction in our area,” said Bakhtawar Momand, a resident of PD7, GA#17.

Ahmad, another resident of PD7, GA#24, where the solar street lighting project will be implemented, said, “We thank UN-Habitat for implementing the solar street lighting project in our area. This project, alongside enlightening, will decrease the crime rates during the nights.”  He added, “At the community level, we are ready to cooperate with UN-Habitat to complete this project. Also, we ask UN-Habitat to consider more basic infrastructure projects, including water supply, in our PD.” 

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