The 20th World Habitat Day Children’s Drawing Contest:
Call for Submissions

The 20th World Habitat Day Children’s Drawing Contest: “Healthy People, Healthy Environment and Healthy Communities”
Call for Submissions

UN-Habitat has been supporting people’s efforts in making the cities/towns/villages a better place to live.

Over the past months, you have heard and read a lot about health, and about how to protect yourself, your family and your friends from diseases.

You have also heard and read about climate change, and how it impacts the safety of the places where we live.

The majority of the world population lives in cities and towns. What should cities look like to allow us to live in a healthy way? How can nature help us in creating healthy and safe cities and towns?

Express your idea freely on the drawing.

Qualification: 4th through 6th grade pupils of public/private schools (mainly in Asia and the Pacific)

Deadline for Submission: Friday, 17 September 2021

How to Submit:
Please send ① digital image of your drawing (by digital camera, smartphone, scanner), ② your information and a short message (see Attachment) to:
Total image size should be between 1MB and 10MB.

Submission via post is also acceptable if preferred. Please send drawings to the following address:

  • UN-Habitat Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific – Fukuoka
    Attn: Children’s Drawing Contest
    ACROS Fukuoka 8F
    1-1-1 Tenjin, Chuo-ku
    Fukuoka City 810-0001 JAPAN

Drawing Materials: No restrictions

Other Remarks

  1. Please be sure to send your drawing with filled application form and short introduction of the drawing.
  2. If you are going to submit the drawing via post, make sure to write your name, grade and the name of the school/city/town/village on the back.
  3. We do not return the original drawings to applicants if they are submitted via post.
  4. Awarded drawings will be introduced on UN-Habitat ROAP-Fukuoka website.
  5. Submitted drawings will belong to UN-Habitat ROAP – Fukuoka and may be used for its promotional materials.

Note: Please make sure that Application Form is TYPED in BLOCK LETTERS. Any submission with illegible handwriting will not be considered for the contest.


  • a. First Judging (online)
    The first judging will take place at UN-Habitat ROAP – Fukuoka and a certain number of drawings will be selected as excellent drawings.
  • b. Final Judging (online)
    Awards will be determined from the selected drawings by members of the Judging Committee.


  • The awarded drawings will be introduced / exhibited on UN-Habitat ROAP- Fukuoka website.


  • The final judging will determine the following awards:
  • – UN-Habitat ROAP Award (Gold, Silver, and Bronze)
  • – Asian-Pacific Children’s Convention in FUKUOKA Award
  • – Children’s Future Award
  • – Special Award

Habitat Calendar

  • Using the selected drawings, the Organisers will produce the 2022 Habitat Original Calendar which is downloadable from UN-Habitat ROAP – Fukuoka website. Also, we will initiate a donation campaign in Japan using the Calendar. Donation will be used to support “Water for Life” projects of UN-Habitat in Asia and the Pacific.

Handling of Personal Information:
Your personal information will be managed securely by the organisers and only used for administrative purposes and the publication of the submitted drawings on the UN-Habitat ROAP website, social media and UN-Habitat promotional materials such as calendar with your consent.

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