Japan’s Contribution to improving Urban Basic Services in Kabul City

Kabul, 14 April 2019 – The Government of Japan has disbursed a new contribution of USD544,642 to assist the Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, through the technical assistance of United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat), for the Clean and Green Cities Programme (CGC) in Kabul.

CGC has been operated by UN-Habitat in partnership with municipalities in 13 cities across the country since 2016. The purpose of this programme is to provide a basic labor stimulus for contributing peacebuilding and stabilization as well as for improving urban and household economies. Creating jobs for city sanitation and beautification, the programme has served to upgrade sanitation status of the cities, assisting municipalities to deliver better basic urban services.

To respond to the needs for the continuation of the programme in Kabul city, the Government of Japan has decided to support the programme from April 2019 for a duration of 1 year. In close collaboration with Kabul Municipality, the programme will create 250 jobs/ 40,000 job days to the vulnerable people, especially IDPs/ returnees and Female-Headed Households, which will allow them to stabilize their living conditions and attend their basic livelihood needs. In parallel, 300,000 city residents will be able to enjoy improved sanitation condition in their neighborhood, enhancing trust between government and people as for the better service delivery. For Kabul, the most populated city in the country, the continuous effort for healthier urban development is critical and essential.

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