UN-Habitat guides organic regeneration in Changsha Kaifu District

19 July 2019, Changsha, China – The first Urban Renovation Project in Hunan Province, China guided by United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) was launched in Kaifu District, Changsha City, China. UN-Habitat, represented by senior human settlements officer Mr. Bruno Dercon, and the Kaifu District Government, represented by district head Mr. Liu Yongbing exchanged a cooperation agreement. UN-Habitat will provide technical advice and policy guidance for the renovation of the Chaozong Street area in Kaifu District.

UN-Habitat Team Meeting with officials from Changsha Kaifu District

The Chaozong Historical and Cultural Street area was selected as a pilot project by Changsha Municipal Housing and Urban-Rural Development Committee in 2017. The block covers a total land area of close to 25 hectares, with many culture relic protection sites and nearly 100 historical buildings. The project aims to build Chaozong Street into an urban block opened up by pedestrianization, restoration and overall improvement. The area also has ordinary building and warehouses of the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, which will be retained and improved. The rengeneration will be completed by the end of 2019.

The guiding principles for the so-called organic regeneration programme are:

  • 1) keep the city’s memory, retain history whether old or recent;
  • 2) renovate building and upgrade pedestrianized access, public facilities, green and basic services.;
  • 3) build nodes around the historical relics, buildings and cultural memory in the area, highlighting the characteristics of Changsha;
  • 4) strengthen community management and encourage public participation
Nanmu Hall, a location in Kaifu District

Urban regeneration is an important part of sustainable urban development and in direct support of SDG11.4 on heritage and SDG11.7 on improved public spaces. Chaozong Street’s regeneration will result in a better urban area that is more compact, integrated and safe, inclusive and accessible.

“I believe that under the guidance of UN-Habitat, the Chaozong Street area will be developed in a better and more sustainable way up to standard of organic renovation. The renovated block will be a demonstration for livable and business-friendly urban regeneration in China and the world”, said Mr. Liu Yongbing, the head of Kaifu District.

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