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The Sustainable Cities Programme (SCP) - Asia

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Sustainable Cities Programme in India

Responding to a request for support from Chennai Metropolitan Development Authority (CMDA), SCP-Asia pioneered the implementation of the SCP process through the Sustainable Chennai Project (SChP) from the early 1990s. The project focused on the development of a strategic planning process that recognized the importance of integrating water resource management including both ground and river, air quality and solid waste management, so these were incorporated into the overall strategic development plan for Chennai city.

Given that Solid Waste Management is a priority concern to cities in India, the good practices examples to improve solid waste management in Chennai were disseminated and applied in the adjacent secondary cities of Alandur and Ambatur. Building from the lessons learned in Chennai, Alandur and Ambatur, SCP-Asia anchored its future support to sustainable urbanization in India through the All India Institute of Local Self Government (AIILSG), supporting it to introduce and apply SCP principles in Maharastra State, from 2003. The pilot cities of Virar and Panvel in the Mumbai metropolitan region lead implementation of the first phase when support addressed key issues on solid waste management to strengthen the urban environmental planning and management process through broad-based stakeholder participation.

After completion of Phase 1 in 2005, a second phase to up-scale good practices within Maharashra State was conducted in eight replicating cities (Jalna, Ratnagiri, Ashta, Warora, Yatmal, Rahuiri, Aurangabad and Shri Soni). Currently these good practices are experiences and lessons learned are being documented by AILSG, which will serve as the foundations for national replication through the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation.

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