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KCAP is a UN-HABITAT initiative linking environmental issues with sustainable solutions.

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Workshops for local government staff, schools, and citizens will be held to introduce and replicate useful know-how and experience in order to address various urban and environmental issues introduced at the Expert Group Meetings.

Expert Group Meeting2009

Follow Up Workshop in Nepal

One of the technologies introduced at the EGM was ヤcardboard box compostingユ. While composting itself is familiar to many cities and towns in Asia, the concept of utilizing used cardboard boxes with locally available materials was an innovative yet very feasible solution for many cities which face serious waste management and collection issues. Among the cities who expressed keen interest in adopting the method on a trial basis, UN-HABITAT ROAP, in cooperation with UN-HABITAT Water and Sanitation Team, decided to conduct a composting workshop in Kathmandu, Nepal. The workshop was held jointly with the Government of Nepal, inviting total 40 solid waste representatives from municipalities.

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  • Expert Group Meetings

    • Expert Group Meetings 2009

      • Oct.2009 Waste Management
      • Oct.2009 Water & Sanitation
  • Pilot Projects

    • Mongolia : Waste Water Improvement Pilot Project
  • Workshops

    • Nepal : Solid Waste Management Workshop for Municipalities
  • Asian City Journalist Conference

    • Asian City Journalist Conference 2009
    • Asian City Journalist Conference 2008
    • Asian City Journalist Conference 2007
    • Asian City Journalist Conference 2006

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