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World Habitat Day Special Art Project - “MANY THANKS”
Call for Submissions


Let’s express “Thank You” to the people working for our community

Think about where you live and the places around you, who has helped you recently? Perhaps your teacher, neighbour, carer or doctor? In this challenging time of COVID-19, many people are working hard to protect our lives. At UN-Habitat we are supporting people’s efforts around the world to make our cities, towns and villages better places to live.

For World Habitat Day 2020, we want you to express “Thank You” to the people that help you most in your community through drawing, painting or sketching whatever you feel.

Submission Period: Monday, 13 July - Friday, 18 September 2020

You must be in the 4th to 6th grade at school (mainly Asia and the Pacific) to qualify and are free to use any materials you like (paints, pens, colouring pencils, computer illustration etc).

How to Submit: Please send ① digital image of your drawing (by digital camera, smartphone, scanner), ② your information and a short message (See the below Call for Submissions) to:

Total image size should not exceed 10MB and we will not accept drawings by post this year due to COVID-19.


  1. There are no awards associated with this Art Project.
  2. Submitted drawings belong to the organizers. Selected drawings (fully or partially) and messages may be placed on the Art Project website / social media and used for UN-Habitat promotional purposes with your consent.
  3. The selected drawings will feature in the 2021 Habitat Original Calendar (available to download from the Art Project website). Printed versions will be used for a donation campaign by Fukuoka Habitat Institute in support of UN-Habitat’s “Water for Life” projects in Asia and the Pacific.

Handling of Personal Information:

Your personal information will be managed securely by the organisers and only used for administrative purposes and the publication of the submitted drawings on the Art Project website, social media and UN-Habitat promotional materials such as calendar with your consent.

Call for Submissions: World Habitat Day Special Art Project -“MANY THANKS” (deadline: 18 September 2020) (PDF 762KB)

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