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Outcomes report: The premier Asia-Pacific Urban Youth Assembly at APUF-6 (APUFY) in Jakarta, Indonesia, 17-18 October 2015

In October 2015, 300 young leaders from across the Asia-Pacific region gathered together in Jakarta, Indonesia, for the first Asia-Pacific Urban Youth Assembly (APUFY), a highly energetic official side event of the 6th Asia-Pacific Urban Forum (APUF-6) and organized back to back with the inter-governmental Habitat III Asia-Pacific High Level Meeting. The full outcomes and resources from the event are now available.

APUFY provided a much needed platform for the region’s next generation to express experiences and creative solutions to the issues faced by their communities and cities. Discussions surrounding the future of urbanization identified the clear role of youth as key partner for building future inclusive and sustainable cities, and APUFY youth participants contributed their voices to the regional Call for Action and Declaration (see UN-Habitat news from 26 October 2015 here). As lead partner among international organizations including Asian Development Bank (ADB) and UN Major Group for Children and Youth (MGCY), UN-Habitat supported the Government of Indonesia and led APUFY to success.

The full outcomes from this meeting of future city leaders, as well as additional media materials are now available on the official website.

The available resources include a document detailing the full outcomes of the APUFY conference, as well as a shorter summary document (links at the end of this page).

“Young people are capable to offer unique perspectives and ideas, in addition to advocating for their priority interests, and should be empowered as stakeholders, caretakers, and leaders for Asia-Pacific’s sustainable urban development.”

“Tomorrow’s leaders are already taking action today in their communities and cities…”

“Young people including vulnerable youth should be involved in practical policymaking and implementation of solutions to urban challenges of Asia-Pacific towards people-centered urban development.”

“Meaningful youth participation in urban development policies can enhance inclusive urban governance, ensure protection of urban environment, and lead to innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.”

(Quotes from APUFY Outcomes Report)

Building on the successful engagement and wide ranging impact of APUFY, UN-Habitat will continue to engage with, and promote the participation of, youth as active agents of change and equal partners towards creating sustainable, inclusive and resilient cities across Asia-Pacific.

(Photo: 27 January 2016 in Bangkok, Thailand – Indonesia Ministry of Public Works and Housing delegation and UN-Habitat ROAP members exchanged the English and Bahasa Indonesia versions of APUFY outcomes report.)

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