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Nepal's Prime Minister launches the reconstruction campaign and witnesses the signing of collaboration with UN-Habitat.

Each year, on 16 January, Nepal commemorates the mega-earthquake of 1934 by having the Earthquake Safety Day. This year, the day was celebrated with the launching of the newly established National Reconstruction Authority, which will oversee the reconstruction campaign in the wake of the 26 April 2015 earthquake. In Kathmandu Valley, the heavily affected historical township Bungamati was chosen for the launch. His Excellency the Prime Minister, Mr. Khadga Prasad Oli, and cabinet members attended the event.

A tripartite Memorandum by Karyabinayak Municipality, the Bungamati Reconstruction Committee and UN-Habitat was signed towards their continued collaboration for the reconstruction of Bungamati and the sustainable urban development of the municipality. In the past half year, UN-Habitat has already been providing assistance towards the urban planning of Bungamati and the municipality, with assistance of teams of volunteers from local universities, the University of Leuven (Belgium) and the ARCADIS Shelter Programme. UN-Habitat was represented by its Nepal Habitat Programme Manager, Mr. Padma S. Joshi.

UN-Habitat's Regional Office for Asia and the Pacific has supported the response to the earthquake with financial assistance from China, Japan, Sweden, Switzerland and the UK. Japan's assistance came from the Government and from citizens and organisations in Fukuoka. UN-Habitat and IOM currently co-chair the Housing Recovery and Reconstruction Platform, a Government supported initiative coordinating the actions of more than 60 shelter organisations.

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