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Green and Smart Initiatives for Quy Nhon Development

(c) People's Committee

Quy Non, Vietnam 16 November 2015 -In order to continue support for city development strategy, Quy Nhon People’s Committee, in association with United Nations Human Settlement Programme (UN-Habitat), Sungkyunkwan University from Korea and Cities Alliance (CA), organised the workshop “Green and smart initiatives for Quy Nhon development”.

This workshop was an opportunity to share international experiences of green and smart urban development, as well as to discuss green growth opportunities for Quy Nhon City. Participants included leaders, professional representatives from city departments, as well as from relevant agencies and sectors in Binh Dinh Province plus as international and domestic urban specialists

During the workshop, Professor Kim Donyun from Sungkyun Kwan University, Commissioner of the Presidential Committee on Green Growth shared experiences on making city with cutting edge technology, particularly the case of Seoul City, Korea. He said “Quy Nhon has many development opportunities. In order to make the best use of these opportunities, a qualified plan which developed and implemented by government, investors, experts and community is essential. Quy Nhon should try to promote the regional partnership and linkage in green growth manners, to promote local values and identity, as well as to improve living quality and competitiveness in global scale.”

Mr Nguyen Quang, Vietnam Habitat Programmer Manager said “In the context of facing challenges and opportunities from urbanization, climate change and global integration, Quy Nhon needs to choose a sustainable growth model which balances economic, social and environmental aspects, as well as facilitates for creativity and innovation. Green and smart development initiatives which focus on improving living and working condition for people in Quy Nhon, will contribute to make a city where everyone can be happy, and together they build better future for their city.”

The workshop was an opportunity opportunity for all participants to learn about the international experiences on city sustainable development, and experiences on developing industrial ecology park, which provides additional options for the province, the city, to develop an appropriate city development strategy for Quy Nhon.

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