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UN-HABITAT launches peace building programme in Afghanistan

08 Febrary 2011


Peace-Building in Afghanistan through Consolidation of Community Solidarity Phase 1 (PACCS 1) (USD31 million) Project1 funded by the Government of Japan in cooperation with the Ministry of Urban Development Affairs, Ministry of Rural Rehabilitation and Development and Municipalities is being implemented in nine provinces across Afghanistan to improve infrastructure and increase access to basic services since March 2010. The estimated total beneficiaries are almost 380,000 people in urban and rural area. In addition, approximately 440,000 people will benefit from the economic activities and access to community banking by integrating demobilized combatants, internally displaced persons and returnees into towns, generating job opportunities and promoting peace and stability.

The escalation of security incidents and the consequent military operations in 2010 has resulted in large scale migration of people from these areas to safer areas both urban and rural. This influx has placed unbearable strain on the existing communities and basic services which were already in a very poor state. Given this circumstance, the second phase of the Peace-Building in Afghanistan through Consolidation of Community Solidarity (PACCS 2) (USD28.5 million) will be launched in February 2011 with financial support from the Government of Japan. With the foundation laid by National Solidarity Programme (NSP) at the community level and coverage of the activities implemented by PACCS 1, it aims to secure and stabilize urban and rural areas in ten provinces by responding to the needs of recently displaced people, demobilized combatants and returnees through community empowerment, enhancing their access to basic services, and improving their livelihoods thereby enabling them to live in dignity.

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