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2015 World Habitat Day Children’s Drawing Contest
"Designed to Live Together"

UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize Winner (2015)UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize
Winner (2015)

We received 392 applications from 5 countries. Below are the winners for this year:

UN-Habitat Award Gold Prize
Maria Angelica Tejada (Philippines,4th Grade)

UN-Habitat Award Silver Prize
Tam Hoi Man, Karmen (China,6th Grade)

UN-Habitat Award Bronze Prize
Haruka Yasunaga (Japan, 5th Grade)

Children's Future Award
Ai Matsufuji (Japan, 4th Grade)
Ja Seng Iny (Myanmar, 5th Grade)
Tsang Kei Yiu (China, 6th Grade)

Asian-Pacific Chidren's Convention Award
Marin Komizo (Japan, 5th Grade)
Chan Yan Hei, Yanis (China,4th Grade)
Ayano Mizushima (Japan, 5th Grade)

Special Award
K.A.K.K.K Bandara (Sri Lanka, 5th Grade)
Wong Yuen Cheng (China,6th Grade)
Yuriko Nakamura (Japan, 5th Grade)

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