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The 8th World Habitat Day Children's Drawing Contest "Water for Life"

UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize Winner (2008)UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize
Winner (2008)

We received 465 applications from 10 countries in Asia and the Pacific Region (including Far East Russia). Below is the winners for this year:

UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize
Yaroslava Matyazhova (6th Grade, Russia)

UN-HABITAT Award Silver Prize
Haruki Matsuyama (5th Grade, Japan)

UN-HABITAT Award Bronze Prize
Palita Anuwongkumhang (5th Grade, Thailand)

Water for Life Award (3)
Jamia Mei Tolentino (4th Grade, Philippines)
Airi Yotsuda (5th Grade, Japan)
Pisek Boonmee (6th Grade, Thailand)

Asia-Pacific Children's Convention Award (3)
Parag Hossain (6th Grade, Bangladesh)
M W Nadeesha Hansanee Mettananda (6th Grade, Sri Lanka)
Suphawit Pranmontri (6th Grade, Thailand)

Special Award (3)
Chan Hiu Ching (5th Grade, China)
Sachinthaka Kavindu Viduranga Hatharasinghe (4th Grade, Sri Lanka)
Tanapoom Jaiinsom (5th Grade, Thailand)

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