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Fukuoka Method Landfill in Weifang City, Shandong Province

Weifang site visit-1 April 2002

Weifang site visit-2 April 2002

Establishment of Working Group in Fukuoka

Installatioon of underground water collection pipes September 2003

Leachate collection pipes Joint part of main and branch pipes

Installation of leachate collection pipes and gas ventilationo pipes September 2003

Installation of gas ventilation pipes

Installation of liner sheet on the side slope

Liner sheet connected September 2003

1st stage construction completed October 2003

Leachate control pond

Leachate treatment facility in the landfill

Waste disposal has been started in the new landfill since October 2003

Fukuoka Method Landfill Workshop in Weifang City November 2003

Environment monitoring staff and equipment

Measurement of gas concentration rate June 2004

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