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Photo Book: Beyond Conflict - 20 years of working with communities across Afghanistan
Chapter 3: Project Implementation

The ambitious construction of the main and neighbourhood roads in Charikar city has benefited a population of more than 40,000 inhabitants
Charikar City, Parwan Province

Children are enthusiastic about the improvement of the roads in their neighbourhoods, making it easier to go to school and to visit their friends Kabul City, Kabul Province

For the first time in Afghanistan modern GIS technology has been employed to register land ownership, providing the municipality with an important source of revenue through taxes. Careful measuring of properties is the first step
Herat City, Herat Province

The construction of water towers benefits a large population living in a rural area
Herat Province

Community banking has been especially popular with women in Afghanistan, who benefit from improved economic and social status within their community. People can take out modest loans from their community bank in order to launch small enterprises Across Afghanistan women have embraced the concept of community banking with great enthusiasm, and have outperformed men with respect to loan repayment and the generation of new jobs
Bamyan Province

In the case of urban settlement upgrading project community members contributed approximately 35 per cent of the total cost of the project
Kabul City, Kabul Province

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