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2011 World Habitat Day Children's Drawing Contest "Our Cities, Our Life and Climate Change"

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UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize
Sumaia Akter Mim
(4th Grade, Govt. Coronation Girls' School, Bangladesh)

UN-HABITAT Award Silver Prize
Abhishek Chathumal Wellage
(6th Grade, Ananda College, Sri Lanka)

UN-HABITAT Award Bronze Prize
Chan Sze Wing Beverly
(6th Grade, Simply Art, China)

Children's Future Award
Mantasha Busra Prarona
(4th Grade, Bogra Govt. Girl's High School, Bangladesh)

Children's Future Award
Chiu Ka Wai
(6th Grade, Chong Hok Tong Education Center, China)

Children's Future Award
Gemmary Angel D. Medina
(5th Grade, San Beda College Alabang, Philippines)

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention Award
Kensei Matsunaga
(5th Grade, Tenjin Elementary School, Japan)

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention Award
Uliana Prib
(4th Grade, Bridge Club of Russia, Russia)

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention Award
Angela Li Wing Chun
(5th Grade, Simply Art, China)

Special Award
Aishath Fiusha Fathuhulla
(6th Grade, Thaajuddeen School, Maldives)

Special Award
(6th Grade, Sirajgani Art institute, Bangladesh)

Special Award
Aayush Malla
(5th Grade, Pathshala Nepal Foundation, Nepal)

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