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2007 World Habitat Day Children's Drawing Contest

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UN-HABITAT Award Gold Prize
Andrian Rizaldy Azhar
(6th Grade, SDN Ciampea 2, Indonesia)

UN-HABITAT Award Silver Prize
Ratma Akter Alo
(6th Grade, Shilpangkue School of Art, Banladesh

UN-HABITAT Award Bronze Prize
Ryotaro Tsukamoto
(5th Grade, Takaie Elementary School, Japan)

Japan Habitat Association Award
Aishath Uraiba Asif
(6th Grade, Jamaluddin School, Maldives)

Japan Habitat Association Award
Sadia Sultana Tasnim
(5th Grade, Bangladesh)

Japan Habitat Association Award
Yu Inoue
(6th Grade, Nakatsura Elementary School, Japan)

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention Award
M. Prashanthini
(6th Grade, CP/H17/Highlands.c.c, Sri Lanka)

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention Award
Mardia Rahman
(5th Grade, Zainul Shishu Shikhalay, Bangladesh)

Asian-Pacific Children's Convention Award
Cindy Agatha
(4th Grade, SD Mutiara 17 Augustus, Indonesia)

Special Award
Haliman Anya
(5th Grade, Art School, Russia)

Special Award
Nana Moriya
(4th Grade, Kashii Elementary School, Japan)

Special Award
(4th Grade, Afghanistan)

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