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KCAP is a UN-HABITAT initiative linking environmental issues with sustainable solutions.

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About the Expert Group Meetings

The Expert Group Meetings are expected to be held annually, with participants from both Asia and the Pacific region and Japan. Representatives from Asia will introduce their environmental issues, challenges and concrete needs of the cities and the current progress of their work. On the other side of the meeting table, local governments from Japan, businesses and NGOs will introduce their technologies, know-how and share their experiences in overcoming issues such as environmental degradation at the municipality levels. Through the discussions, we aim to seek further opportunities for collaboration and partnerships, by matching the needs and technologies available. Pilot projects and follow up workshop information will also be available in this website.

Expert Group Meetings 2016

Expert Group Meetings 2016

The Eighth Environmental Technology Expert Group Meeting was held featuring environmental technologies for the sustainable development of Vietnam on 22 November 2016.

This year, we welcomed representatives from the Government of Vietnam, Tam Ky, Can Tho, and Da Nang cities. They presented issues and their initiatives related to the theme on disaster risk and housing in their respective areas/cities.

From the Japanese side, experts from the private sector and public organizations shared their technologies, experience, and know-how in the related field of disaster risk and housing.

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